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Are You Truly Clueless?

I’ve been following the news for weeks since the Eric Garner and Michael Brown incident. I’ve read story, after story in reference to either what’s recently been happening, or new stories that I hadn’t heard about. The stories of the present, sound similar to those of our past.

What’s crazier for me, is to hear someone say that they are sick and tired of hearing people protest.

I am tired of hearing about cops not being properly disciplined, when in the wrong. I’m tired of hearing stories of cops, planting guns on men in the streets. I’m tired of hearing that a young black man was killed due to a police thinking he had a gun in his hand. http://gawker.com/unarmed-people-of-color-killed-by-police-1999-2014-1666672349

When in fact, it was a wallet or some other object. Which possibly could have been identified, if the cop didn’t panic.

Our men are dying in huge numbers, and you want the black people to be quiet about it? That’s outrageous, insensitive and disappointing to know so many still will settle for keeping closed eyes on the situation.

It’s unfair, that so many moms and dads are burying their children. It’s unfair for a citizen to lay dead on the street, without the proper medical team there to aid the individual.


Seems as though, police departments throughout the U.S need some form of re-training for these active Officers. Why be in a field so dangerous, yet so easily frightened?

As the people before us, achieved many things with protesting. So shall we!!


We are protesting via Internet, Businesses, and the Streets because there needs to be some sort of changes.

Too many civilian lives are being lost. By the same hands, whom should be protecting them.

Thanks for the Art #Banksy 😉